Getting Started with Arduino Workshop

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In this workshop, you will learn the basic building blocks of Arduino, which will enable you to create your own physical computing and Internet of Things (IoT) prototypes, using input from various sensors, data from the internet and controlling different types of output. 

No prior programming skill needed.*

Fee: RM150
All participants will get ONE set of MAKER UNO EDU KIT (Arduino Board and components)

This workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Testing Arduino Board
  • Blinking LED
  • Pull-up resistor
  • Using variables
  • Controlling light with PWM
  • Analogue input
  • Serial read & write
  • Using potentiometer
  • Using motor
  • Introduction to Processing Language
  • Getting weather data using processing
  • Controlling motor using weather data

Workshop Information

Saturday, 20 March 2021
Online (Zoom)
Registration & payment due date: 22 February 2021 

*You’ll need a desktop/laptop to program your Arduino
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