I am an interaction designer exploring novel ubiquitous and physical computing design, particularly in the context of domestic use. My research interest lies in Internet of Things (IoT) and the exploration of digital technology in art. Currently I work as a research fellow at the Institute of Visual Informatics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) (also known as National University of Malaysia).

I have written about IoT deployment in the real world, paper prototyping, telecare, minimal communication, WhatsApp usage among family members, ethnomethodological study of domestic soundscape, presence in digital games, auditory icons effects on mimicry, and phatic technology.

Currently, I am researching the use of social messaging in domestic context for familial bonding. I make things – turning ideas into tangible artefacts, including high-fidelity prototypes of IoT, and interactive and conceptual art.

email: hbaharin@ukm.edu.my